Select Dropdown with Hierarchy by using jQuery

Bootstrap select hierarchy

By using the hierarchy-select jQuery plug-in, you may create a dropdown with options in the hierarchy. Normally, the select dropdown displays options in the same order as provided. This plug-in allows presenting the options in a hierarchal way and is implemented with the Bootstrap framework. You have to use a few data attributes to define … Read more

Turn a Bootstrap Dropdown into Multi-Select Button using jQuery

jQuery bootstrap dropdown button

The dropdown-checkboxes plug-in The jQuery dropdown-checkboxes plug-in will turn a Bootstrap select dropdown into the multi-select input button where options are available with checkboxes. This is a compact dropdown/button and a user may select one or more options by ticking the checkboxes. The selected checkbox/option values are stored in a hidden input field. Developer’s page … Read more

31 Animated Bootstrap Popovers and Modals by velocity.js

bootstrap popover animated

Creating animated modal and popovers with Bootstrap and velocity.js I have covered a number of plug-ins for creating simple and advanced modal windows that are based on Bootstrap framework. You can read by visiting the links below: Creating simple modals by using Bootstrap framework is written here. A nice jQuery plug-in (bootstrap3-dialog) is also covered … Read more

Bootstrap Sidebar Navigation Component

bootstrap sidebar slide

Creating responsive sidebar sliding menu bar in Bootstrap In this post, I am going to share a nice and simple sliding menu bar that slides from left to right. As you click the typical three horizontal lines of “mobile icon”, the menu will open in a sliding manner. As it opens, a cross icon will … Read more

A Bootstrap / jQuery based select box with search and multi-select options

jquery select box

A beautiful select box based on jQuery / Bootstrap The selectr is a jQuery plug-in for creating the pretty select box on your website that allows multi-selection along with searching the options. You may limit the maximum number of selections as well. In the Bootstrap based select component, I showed you a few demos of creating … Read more

Bootstrap / jQuery image upload preview plug-in

jquery image upload preview

The image upload plug-in If you require enabling your visitors to upload image files through web forms and before uploading the image, preview it then img-upload plug-in can be the right choice. The bootstrap-imageupload is a jQuery based plug-in that is implemented with Bootstrap framework. You may also use it independently if your website is … Read more

Bootstrap 3 Scrolling Tabs by using jQuery Plug-in

bootstrap tabs scroll

The Bootstrap default tabs vs scrolling tabs In the Bootstrap tabs tutorial, I showed a few demos of creating tabs by using built-in classes of the Bootstrap framework. If you look at the demos by squeezing the screen (if look at it on large screens), then you can see the tabs will wrap and may … Read more

Bootstrap 3 Grid Columns: A plug-in for Same Height Columns Layout

bootstrap grid

The Bootstrap grid columns plug-in The Bootstrap grid system enables to create the columns with equal width quite easily. For example, if you need three three-column layouts then you may use three div elements with .col-md-4 class (in each div).  If four columns in a row are required then you may use .col-md-3 class. Just … Read more