2 Demos of Google’s Material Design inspired jQuery ripple effect plug-in

jQuery ripple effect

Create ripple effect The yarp.js is a Material design inspired jQuery plug-in for creating the ripple effect in HTML elements. The plug-in is the just 1Kb size and it is very simple to use. All you have to do is include the JS file of the plug-in after the jQuery library and initiate the plug-in … Read more

jQuery transition effect in HTML elements with animation

jquery effect sweep

Creating transition effect in HTML elements by jQuery In this demo, you are going to see and learn how to create transition effect in two HTML elements with jQuery. You may use the different type of content in the HTML elements like headings, text paragraphs, images etc. The plug-in allows using only two elements currently. Upon … Read more

jQuery Effects / Animations as Scroll Down with Bootstrap

jQuery animations scroll

The jquery.scrollfx plug-in The jquery.scrollfx can be used for creating animations or some cool effects in elements as the visitors of your website scroll down the page. You just need to add a few dependency files like plug-in JS and CSS files, specify the elements where you want to create effects or animations, and set … Read more

Creating hover Effects with jQuery plug-in

jQuery hover

The hovering effect As you bring the mouse over an element, the hover event occurs. You may perform certain things by using jQuery as this occurs. In this tutorial, I am using the “jQuery-hover-effects” plug-in, which is a light-weight, just 6Kb JS file for creating hover effects on elements. Basically, this plug-in will show the … Read more