jQuery plug-in for glitch effect

jQuery glitch effect

How to create glitch effect using jQuery? The jquery-glitch is a simple plug-in for creating the glitch effect on text in your web pages. You may apply the glitch effect on text for different elements like headings, paragraphs or even smaller text in a span tag. The colors of the glitch effect can also be … Read more

Create jQuery Coverflow with CSS 3 transitions: 2 Demos

jquery coverflow numbers

jQuery coverflow plug-in The coverflow plug-in, which is based on jQuery, is an easy way to create coverflow in your website for photographs, professional work presentations like web design, or other documents that can be viewed by using keyboard navigation, mouse click, or mouse wheel, and swipe/tap. FYI, the coverflow is a concept implemented on … Read more

3 Demos of CSS Gradient Transitions by jQuery plug-in

jquery gradient angle

Applying the CSS gradient transition by jQuery in background The Gradientify plug-in can be used for creating smooth CSS gradients based on an array of pre-defined colors. The colors are specified with RGB values. You may specify the angle of gradient, the default is 0deg. You may also set the transition time between gradients. If not … Read more

jQuery color transition on scroll plug-in with a demo

jquery scroll color

Changing color smoothly on scroll using jQuery In this post, I am going to share a jQuery plug-in that can be used for changing the color upon scrolling of the web page. It is a light-weight plug-in that is the only 3Kb file. You may specify two colors with RGB values. The colors will transit between … Read more

jQuery transition effect in HTML elements with animation

jquery effect sweep

Creating transition effect in HTML elements by jQuery In this demo, you are going to see and learn how to create transition effect in two HTML elements with jQuery. You may use the different type of content in the HTML elements like headings, text paragraphs, images etc. The plug-in allows using only two elements currently. Upon … Read more

Create ripple effect by jQuery and CSS

jQuery ripple effect

The jQuery ripple effect plug-in The design of a website can be improved if you use ripple effect, particularly, in menu items like left or right navigations etc. In that case, as a user selects or clicks a menu item, the ripple effect in that item can be created by using jQuery and CSS, apart from … Read more

4 Demos of Creating hover Effects with jQuery plug-in

jQuery hover

The hovering effect As you bring the mouse over an element, the hover event occurs. You may perform certain things by using jQuery as this occurs. In this tutorial, I am using the “jQuery-hover-effects” plug-in, which is a light-weight, just 6Kb JS file for creating hover effects on elements. Basically, this plug-in will show the … Read more

jQuery hover method with CSS effects

jQuery hover list

The hover method in jQuery The jQuery hover method binds two handlers as the mouse enters and leaves a specified element like a link, a paragraph, lists, and others. You may execute the code in those handlers like changing the background colors, fonts, adding text, or some other actions. Syntax of using hover method This … Read more