What is Bulma Box?

bulma box

A box is an element in Bulma framework that is used to contain other elements e.g. text paragraph, images, buttons etc.
Bulma box is simply a container with the following properties:

Bulma Select Box

bulma select sizes

In order to make simple HTML select form element look stylish with icon, you may use the “select” class of Bulma framework.

Tags in Bulma

The Bulma framework makes it quite easy for creating tags with various features. For example, you may create simple tags anywhere on the web page. A tag can be created with the cross close button.

How to Create Bulma Tables

bulma table border

Creating HTML tables with style by using Bulma CSS framework is pretty simple. Not only you may use the built-in table classes for a table with basic style, stripped table, hovering effect etc. but you may also use the Sass variables for allowing easy customization like table coloring, table background color, header background color and … Read more