The “IFs” in MySQL


MySQL has two types of IFs: one is the IF statement while other is the IF function. In this tutorial, I will explain the difference and show you examples of MySQL IF

What is MySQL CASE


If you have a little idea about how if..else..elseif statement works in different programming languages then understanding the MySQL CASE function should be straight-forward.

What is MySQL COUNT function?


The COUNT function in MySQL returns the total count of rows returned by SELECT statement. You may use it with the simple SELECT statement to get the count of all rows as single number.

BETWEEN Operator in MySQL

MySQL between

is used to retrieve records based on the given range The MySQL BETWEEN operator can be used with SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE and INSERT statements. The two values provided in the BETWEEN operator are inclusive. For example, BETWEEN 10 and 20 means retrieving records that fall between these two values including 10 and 20. You may … Read more