Sticky Table Header Plug-in

jquery sticky header Bootstrap

If you have large tabular data to present to your visitors on web pages, then it is quite probable that the user will lose the idea of what table headers are and have to scroll back to the top to see which column relates to the particular table header. This behavior is quite natural and … Read more

The ruler plug-in for jQuery

jquery ruler

The jQuery ruler plug-in enables displaying the x and y axis of the screen with cursor movement for the specified container element.

The jQuery based color picker widget

jQuery color picker rgb

The jqm-simple-colorpicker is a jQuery mobile based widget that you can use in your website for allowing users selecting the color value after choosing from three sliders.

jQuery plug-in for glitch effect

jQuery glitch effect

How to create glitch effect using jQuery? The jquery-glitch is a simple plug-in for creating the glitch effect on text in your web pages. You may apply the glitch effect on text for different elements like headings, paragraphs or even smaller text in a span tag. The colors of the glitch effect can also be … Read more

4 Demos to Create Product Galleries with Zoom feature by jQuery

jQuery zoom lens

The jQuery Product Zoom plug-in The xZoom plug-in which is based on jQuery is useful, particularly for e-commerce websites with product galleries. The plug-in enables zooming a part of the focused image in different views. For example, you may use the lens option where the focused part of the image will zoom in. Similarly, the … Read more

jQuery Tax Calculator plug-in for Financial Websites

jQuery tax calculator

The tax calculator plug-in based on jQuery The jquery-taxcalc is a simple plug-in based on jQuery for calculating the tax for 1040EZ category. All a user has to do is to provide a few values like Filing status, Are you someone dependent, Income, Payments, Credits, Tax etc. and the plug-in will calculate the tax. The … Read more

jQuery scroll animation with easing option: circus-scroll-tween

jQuery scroll text

Create scroll animation by jQuery The circus-scroll-tween is a simple and easy to use plug-in for creating the text or other content animation on the scroll. You may set different options like delay to start the animation, wheel distance, and type of easing from the available values. Demo1 Developer page Download plug-in How to set … Read more

Airport Terminal like text animation using jQuery: TextShuffle.js

jQuery text animation terminal

Create text animation like airport terminal The TextShuffle.js is a simple jQuery based solution for creating the text animation like displayed in the airport terminals. Demo1 Demo2 The available options allow you to set the speed of animating the text shuffling, bind event (click, mouseover, mouseleave etc.) and characters to be used for shuffling the … Read more

3 Demos of Text Animation by jQuery: textbanner

jQuery text animation growth

Create text animation in web pages The textbanner is a simple to use plug-in for creating text animation on your web pages. You only need to specify the div or paragraph that needs to be animated in the jQuery code. Just a single line of code will create the animation with default settings while you … Read more

2 Demos of CSS3/jQuery fade effect between web pages

jQuery fadeIn fadeOut

The pagecrossfade plug-in for generating fading effect The pagecrossfade will generate the fading effect by using jQuery and CSS3 as a user navigates from one page to another in your website. You may control the easing and duration of fade-in and fade-out as crossing between the pages. The plug-in is tiny in size; the only … Read more