About jQuery-az

About jQuery-az/Mission Statement

jQuery-az is an educational website in Computer Science/IT.

Initially, we started this website with the aim to cover topics related to jQuery library but then expanded to various Web frameworks, programming languages, databases, etc.

The website covers topics about jQuery, Bootstrap (3,4,5), Materialize, Bulma, HTML, and CSS.

Programming languages include Python, Java, C++, C Sharp (C#), and others.

We also covered scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Currently, We have only written about SQL and MySQL databases.

Our mission is to empower aspiring programmers/web developers by offering engaging content to develop skills, resources, and opportunities for hands-on experience.

The tutorials are written in such a way that can be utilized by beginners to advacned level developers – by providing basic concepts to practical examples.

We keep on updating the website – trying to fix mistakes in code, adding new topics, exploring new technologies, and writing where we feel comfortable that we can write and explain things.

Almost every tutorial on the website is published with examples including code. Web-based tutorials also include running the demo within the website with output and code.

About Writers

We have dedicated/part time writers who are experts in computer programming, web development, UI/UX development, and databases.

We keep on adding new tutorials with easy-to-follow code examples. As technology evolves quickly, we keep on updating the tutorials with latest updates.

We also keep on auditing the existing material for any errors/bugs – which is also based on user’s feedback collected in forms, social networks, or via emails.

Connecting with community

To get feedback, we also have a social presence on different networks.

We have a YouTube channel with over 200 videos.

Developers, programmers, or other visitors may also connect directly to the writer by given LinkedIn account, site’s Facebook, and a contact form page for feedback or any corrections.


This website is not linked or associated in any way with the official jQuery website.

Contact jQuery-az

You can contact us by clicking this contact link or a link given in each tutorial’s footer section for any feedback or mistakes in the code.

Interested in writing for us?

You are most welcome!

If you are interested in writing for jQuery-az.com then please do contact and mention your area of interest and any written experience. We will contact you back.