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The select dropdown with hierarchy by jQuery

By - On June 8, 2017

By using the hierarchy-select jQuery plug-in, you may create a dropdown with options in the hierarchy. Normally, the select dropdown...

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2 Demos of Displaying Bootstrap alert by jQuery events

By - On April 29, 2017

Display alerts of Bootstrap by jQuery events In the basic alerts of Bootstrap tutorial, I covered how to use the...

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Turn a Bootstrap dropdown into multi-select button by jQuery dropdown-checkboxes

By - On April 22, 2017

The dropdown-checkboxes plug-in The jQuery dropdown-checkboxes plug-in will turn a Bootstrap select dropdown into the multi-select input button where options...

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31 Animated Bootstrap popovers and modal live demos by velocity.js

By - On January 12, 2017

Creating animated modal and popovers with Bootstrap and velocity.js I have covered a number of plug-ins for creating simple and...

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Bootstrap sidebar navigation component (Live demo)

By - On January 11, 2017

Creating responsive sidebar sliding menu bar in Bootstrap In this post, I am going to share a nice and simple...

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A Bootstrap / jQuery based select box with search and multi-select options

By - On January 9, 2017

A beautiful select box based on jQuery / Bootstrap The selectr is a jQuery plug-in for creating the pretty select box...

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Bootstrap / jQuery image upload preview plug-in

By - On December 29, 2016

The image upload plug-in If you require enabling your visitors uploading the image files through web forms and before uploading...

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2 demos of Bootstrap / jQuery based WYSIWYG text editor

By - On December 20, 2016

The WYSIWYG text editor for your website If your project is based on Bootstrap framework and you require using a...

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Bootstrap news ticker / slider with jQuery: 3 demos

By - On December 19, 2016

The Bootstrap news ticker by using jQuery In this article, I am going to share a nice jQuery plug-in for...

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10 demos of Bootstrap multiselect dropdown by using jQuery

By - On December 14, 2016

The Bootstrap multiselect with jQuery The multiselect dropdown allows the visitors of the website selecting multiple options from a dropdown...

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A jQuery / Bootstrap treeview plug-in with 2 demos

By - On December 9, 2016

The easy treeview plug-in for your website The easy-tree plug-in which is based on jQuery with Bootstrap framework support can...

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A Bootstrap / jQuery checkout / step wizard plug-in: 4 demos

By - On December 6, 2016

The step wizard plug-in The SmartWizard is a cool plug-in for creating the step by step process for different purposes...

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Bootstrap scrolling tabs by using jQuery plug-in

By - On November 30, 2016

The Bootstrap default tabs vs scrolling tabs In the Bootstrap tabs tutorial, I showed a few demos of creating tabs...

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Bootstrap modals by bootstrap3-dialog plug-in: 5 demos

By - On November 29, 2016

Creating Bootstrap modal easily with a jQuery plug-in By using the modal component of Bootstrap framework, you may create the...

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Bootstrap grid columns: A plug-in for same height columns layout

By - On August 21, 2016

The Bootstrap grid columns plug-in The Bootstrap grid system allows creating the columns with equal width quite easily. For example,...

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