Arrays in C#

Illustration: C# Arrays Tutorial - Understanding the fundamentals of arrays in C# programming with examples and best practices.

The array is the data structures in C# that can store multiple variables of the same type. For example, you want to store the product_id of the products or roll numbers of the students that are integer types.

How to Create Message Box in C#?

c# messagebox

A message box or dialog box is used to interact with the users of your application. The purpose of using a message box may include notifying about a particular thing e.g. success message after entering a record.

C# Random Class

C# Random Class visual with C# logo and some random image

The Random class of C# can be used for creating the practically usable random numbers like password generator. A few main points about the Random class are:

How to Compare Strings in C#?

Featured image reflecting string comparison in C#

In this tutorial of C# string comparison, I will show you examples of the following methods/classes: String Compare method, Equals, == operator, CompareTo

C# for Loop

C# For loop graphical illustration

The C# for loop is a way to execute a block of code to the specified number of times. The statements inside the for loop keep on executing until the condition is false.

C# Tuple Class

C# Tuple Tutorial - Featured Image

A tuple, introduced in .Net version 4.1, can be defined as a data structure having a specific number and sequence of elements. Learn more by visiting the tutorial.

How to Sort a List in C#?

C# List Sort method featured image

In this tutorial, I will show you how to sort a list in ascending or descending order by using the C# List Sort method and Linq with orderby keyword.

C# Trim()

c# trim

The Trim() method of strings is used to remove the leading and trailing spaces from the specified string. You may use the trim() method in two ways:

C# ArrayList Class

The comprehensive tutorial to C# ArrayList for beginners and experts

C# ArrayList Class can be defined as an ordered collection of objects. ArrayList is non-generic unlike the List which is generic. Visit the tutorial for…

An Introduction to C# List

c# list-sort

The C# List is the part of System.Collection.Generic Namespace that represents strongly typed list of objects. The index of list starts at 0.

C# String Split method

C# String Split method explained with examples and code

In C#, a string can be broken by one or more given delimiters by using the Split method. The simple way of using the Split method can be:

C# String to int Conversion

An image just to show int to string conversion in C#

Commonly, this is required if you are taking the user input for numbers and this may be taken as “text” or string. So, you have to make sure before performing any actions based on that data to convert that string into int, float ot other numeric data types.

Switch Case Statement in C#

C# switch

The switch statement is used as an alternative (and elegantly) to the if..else if a single expression is tested against three or more conditions.