jQuery scroll animation with easing option: circus-scroll-tween

jQuery scroll text

Create scroll animation by jQuery The circus-scroll-tween is a simple and easy to use plug-in for creating the text or other content animation on the scroll. You may set different options like delay to start the animation, wheel distance, and type of easing from the available values. Demo1 Developer page Download plug-in How to set … Read more

Scale, Skew, Rotate, Translate CSS 3 animations with jQuery

jQuery CSS3 page level

Create CSS3 animations in DOM element The CSSAnimate.js is a small jQuery plug-in for creating animations by using the CSS3 transitions. You may create different types of animations like skew, scale, rotate, etc. in DOM elements. If CSS3 is not supported by the browser then it will provide the fallback to the default animate method … Read more

3 Demos of Text Animation by jQuery: textbanner

jQuery text animation growth

Create text animation in web pages The textbanner is a simple to use plug-in for creating text animation on your web pages. You only need to specify the div or paragraph that needs to be animated in the jQuery code. Just a single line of code will create the animation with default settings while you … Read more

2 Demos of CSS3/jQuery fade effect between web pages

jQuery fadeIn fadeOut

The pagecrossfade plug-in for generating fading effect The pagecrossfade will generate the fading effect by using jQuery and CSS3 as a user navigates from one page to another in your website. You may control the easing and duration of fade-in and fade-out as crossing between the pages. The plug-in is tiny in size; the only … Read more

A jQuery burst animation plug-in for images

jQuery burst animation

Create burst animation for images The boomjs is a jQuery based plugin that creates burst animation for the element in DOM. You may specify the container and image by using the jQuery code with two available options. The options are to specify the size of pieces by using the piece_size option while you may also … Read more

Customizable marquee effect with jQuery and CSS3: 3 Demos

jQuery marquee

The marquee effect with CSS3 The Css3Marquee plug-in uses jQuery and CSS3 for creating the marquee effect as an alternative to the HTML marquee which is not smooth in all browsers. You may customize the speed and direction of the marquee effect by using the data attribute or jQuery code. Developer’s page Download plug-in Setting … Read more

Create Animated Typing Effect in HTML elements by jQuery coolType

jQuery cool typing

The jQuery coolType plug-in The coolType plug-in adds character by character of a given string in HTML elements with a cool typing effect. The animated effect is like the fast command line typing that you may use for displaying news items or customer reviews, announcements, etc. that a visitor’s eye can catch easily. The development … Read more

3 Demos of Creating Gooey Effect in HTML5 canvas by jQuery

jQuery wooble animation

Create gooey effect in HTML canvas The light-weight jquery-wobblewindow-plugin can be used for creating the gooey effect on HTML5 canvas in your web pages. The minified size is only 7K while cool animation happens as the mouse bring in and out of any specified HTML element. Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3 Developer’s page Download … Read more

Create simple Animation on Scroll for Elements by jQuery plug-in

jQuery aniation scroll 45-degree

How to create simple animation on the scroll? You may create animation for different HTML elements in DOM by using the dctb-animate-scroll jQuery plug-in. For example, displaying image and text in a div or paragraph as a user scrolls down to that element with animation. Developer’s page Download plug-in How to implement animate scroll plug-in? … Read more