Java toString() method

Java toString

toString() method returns the string or textual representation of an object.
The string specifies the object’s class which is followed by ‘@’ sign and the hashcode of the object (unsigned hexadecimal representation).

What is printf method in Java?

Java printf

The Java printf method is used to write the formatted strings. The ‘f’ in printf keyword means formatted. The printf method belongs to the PrintStream and PrintWriter classes.

Reverse a String in Java

Educational infographic highlighting approaches to reverse strings in Java. Covering StringBuilder, StringBuffer, split method char array manipulation, and toString method.

You may use a number of ways for reversing the strings in Java programs. If you are working with mutable strings by using StringBuilder or StringBuffer class then these classes have built-in reverse method.

Java int to string Conversion

Informative infographic showcasing key techniques for converting integers to strings in Java. Explore String.valueOf, Integer.toString, and concatenation methods.

These methods can be used for number to string conversion: 1- toString() 2- String.valueOf, 3- String concatenation operator (+) 4- String.format() 5- StringBuffer 6- StringBuilder

Java charAt method

Java charAt string

The charAt(int) method returns the character in the specified string for given index number. The index of string starts at zero.

The string indexOf method in Java

Java indexOf

The Java indexOf returns the index of given character or substring for the first occurrence in the specified string. To get the last occurrence of the given substring or character, use the lastIndexOf() method.

Java split Method

Educational infographic highlighting essential aspects of Java's split method. Covering delimiter tricks, whitespace handling, and advanced regex patterns.

The split method breaks the specified string by the given regular expression delimiter and returns an array. The array contains substrings of the specified string after splitting.

What is Java trim method?

java trim string

The trim() method of Java can be used for removing the whitespaces from left and right of the given string. The leading or trailing spaces may occur particularly, as you are taking user input.

Java replace method of String

Java.replace string

The String replace method of Java is used to replace the existing character(s) in the given string to the new given character(s). The replace method returns a new string which is the replaced string.