C++ sin() Function


sin() is the built-in function in C++. This function is defined in the library – you have to include this in the header in order to use it. The sin() function takes one argument i.e. a number which is angle and it returns the sine of angle x radians.

What is C++ Find function?


– The Find function can be used by including in the header.
– The find function is used to search element in the given range of numbers.
– It takes three parameters – first, last, val

C++ char Data Type


The char is a data type in C++
It is used to store single character
The character must be enclosed in single quote e.g. ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘5’

C++ OR (||) operator

OR is a logical operator in C++
The OR is denoted by || (two pipe signs)
The OR is used to evaluate two statements
If both statements are true, it returns 1 i.e. true