A JavaScript based slider: TouchSlider

JavaScript slider add remove

The TouchSlider plug-in for sliding content The TouchSlider is a JS based plug-in that enables smooth sliding of the content. The TouchSlider is a responsive slider that also supports mobile/tablet as well. This simple to use slider supports mouse drag and wheel, touch screen etc. You can create a slider with different sized content and … Read more

A Bootstrap responsive carousel template with wow plug-in

Bootstrap wow carousel

The wow carousel template The “Bootstrap wow carousel template” is built by using the Carousel component of Bootstrap along with wow animation. You may use this free template to showcase the product range, services etc. Also, it can be used to slide recent work or portfolio items. Live demo Download code Currently, four images/products are … Read more

jQuery Slider with Online Examples

jquery two slider

Sliders in jQuery Sliders are quite common these days on different types of websites. From an e-commerce site to specify the range of prices to search products, in financial websites to select income or loan ranges to web developers or designers to select color combinations or audio sites using equalizers, etc. sliders are quite visible … Read more