2 Demos of jQuery Image Rotator/Slider: jquery.hiSlide

jQuery image rotator

The hiSlide jQuery plug-in Easily create image rotator with seven images in your web pages. The images will keep on rotating automatically or arrows are also given for moving the next or previous image. The plug-in file size is only 3K (which is negligible) and is cross-browser compatible. The markup is also pretty simple; just … Read more

Bootstrap News Ticker with jQuery: 3 Demos

bootstrap news ticker icons

The Bootstrap news ticker by using jQuery In this article, I am going to share a nice jQuery plug-in for running news ticker vertically on your web pages. The plug-in is implemented on the Bootstrap 3 framework. The news ticker is auto-play as well as supports up/down manual movement. You may scroll any content in … Read more

jQuery Nivo Slider Plug-in with 4 Demos

jquery slider thumbnail

The Nivo slider plug-in The Nivo is a jQuery slider that is quite popular in the market and an easy to use plug-in that you may deploy in your website freely. The plug-in can be downloaded from the developer’s page at Github website which JS file size is only 30Kb. The downloaded package also contains a … Read more

A jQuery Touch / Mouse Slider (mobile friendly) with 3 Demos

jquery range slider color picker

The responsive jQuery slider with touch and mouse In other tutorials, I have covered quite a few sliders based on jQuery with different features. The built-in slider in jQuery UI, mouse enabled range slider with demos, and a rotating slider are also covered. The plug-in covered in this tutorial is also based on jQuery, which … Read more

jQuery full width slider / carousel for images: 2 demos

jQuery slider responsive

The full width image slider jQuery plug-in In other tutorials related to carousels or sliders, I have covered different along with Bootstrap’s carousel for horizontal, vertical etc content sliding. Apart from that multiple items carousel and Bootstrap lightbox are also covered. In this tutorial, I am going to use a jQuery slider that can slide full-width images. The … Read more

Bootstrap Feedback/Contact Sliding Form by using jQuery

Bootstrap form contact

The sliding form using Bootstrap In this tutorial, I am going to use a jQuery plug-in with Bootstrap framework for creating the sliding form that you may use for feedback or any other purpose like subscriptions, etc. The plug-in name is bootstrap-feedback-form. You need to include the JS and CSS files of this plug-in in … Read more

A Bootstrap sliding side menu with jQuery: 2 demos

The right/left sliding menu in Bootstrap In this tutorial, the BootSideMenu plug-in is used for creating the sliding menus. The menu panel can be left or right that will close and open as you click the respective arrow. This may be useful if you have large content that overlaps when the menu is opened, otherwise, whole … Read more

5 demos of jQuery range slider by using a plugin

jQuery range slider custom CSS

The range slider To enhance the user experience if your website takes user input by way of web forms, adding the simple slider or range slider for required information can be good. For example, for selecting age group, salary range, or any other numeric requirement can be shown and selectable by way of visual selectors. … Read more

A JavaScript based slider: TouchSlider with 5 demos

JavaScript slider add remove

The TouchSlider plug-in for sliding content The TouchSlider is a JS based plug-in that enables smooth sliding of the content. The TouchSlider is a responsive slider that also supports mobile/tablet as well. This simple to use slider supports mouse drag and wheel, touch screen etc. You can create a slider with different sized content and … Read more

A Bootstrap responsive carousel template with wow plug-in

Bootstrap wow carousel

The wow carousel template The “Bootstrap wow carousel template” is built by using the Carousel component of Bootstrap along with wow animation. You may use this free template to showcase the product range, services etc. Also, it can be used to slide recent work or portfolio items. Live demo Download code Currently, four images/products are … Read more

Bootstrap 3 Carousel

Bootstrap carousel multiple

To have a carousel like images sliding in your website home page or other pages, Bootstrap has a JavaScript component that enables you to do that quite easily.

jQuery Slider with Online Examples

jquery two slider

Sliders in jQuery Sliders are quite common these days on different types of websites. From an e-commerce site to specify the range of prices to search products, in financial websites to select income or loan ranges to web developers or designers to select color combinations or audio sites using equalizers, etc. sliders are quite visible … Read more