JavaScript device detection: Windows, android, iOS, portrait, landscape etc.

JavaScript detect device mobile

A JavaScript solution for device detection – OS, orientation, and type As more and more visitors are moving to smartphones / mobiles for visiting the websites, it has become important to adjust your website according to the device of the visitors. For instance, the way your desktop version of the website is presenting the information … Read more

4 demos of input masking solution by using JavaScript

input masking Canadian zip

What is input masking library? In certain scenarios, you may require enabling the visitors for entering only the specific data in certain format. For example, zip code or credit card entries are in specific pattern where you may restrict certain data format. The input-masking library enables you making an input field masked with a specific data … Read more

A comprehensive jQuery / JavaScript slideshow, slider, carousel, galleries plug-in

javascript slider

A one stop solution for slider, carousel, gallery component In this tutorial, I am going to share a one stop solution for the carousel, slider, slideshow or gallery component for your web site. Generally, you may require different plug-ins for different purposes. For example, if you need to have a carousel component then go for … Read more

A jQuery/JS Countdown Plug-in with 4 Demos

JavaScript countdown style

The jQuery countdown plug-in This jQuery countdown plug-in can be used for websites with “Coming Soon” or “Under construction” status entirely or for a section of the website. You may also use this countdown plug-in for launching a particular feature or app, an offer, etc. on a website. The cool point is that you may … Read more

A JavaScript based slider: TouchSlider with 5 demos

JavaScript slider add remove

The TouchSlider plug-in for sliding content The TouchSlider is a JS based plug-in that enables smooth sliding of the content. The TouchSlider is a responsive slider that also supports mobile/tablet as well. This simple to use slider supports mouse drag and wheel, touch screen etc. You can create a slider with different sized content and … Read more

JavaScript Array Length Property

Illustration of using the JavaScript array length property to determine the size of an array in a tutorial.

Explore the JavaScript array length property with our comprehensive tutorial. Learn how to leverage this essential feature to efficiently determine the size of arrays.

JavaScript for Loop

An image illustrating the concept of JavaScript for loop. Also contains JavaScript and jQuery-az,.com logos

Learn the ins and outs of JavaScript for loop syntax, initialization, conditions, and iterations. Explore practical examples and advanced techniques at