The jQuery based color picker widget

jQuery color picker rgb

The jqm-simple-colorpicker is a jQuery mobile based widget that you can use in your website for allowing users selecting the color value after choosing from three sliders.

JavaScript device detection: Windows, android, iOS, portrait, landscape etc.

JavaScript detect device mobile

A JavaScript solution for device detection – OS, orientation, and type As more and more visitors are moving to smartphones / mobiles for visiting the websites, it has become important to adjust your website according to the device of the visitors. For instance, the way your desktop version of the website is presenting the information … Read more

A mobile friendly (responsive) CSS and JS menu using media queries

CSS menu button

The CSS menu with JavaScript With the fact that mobile searches have crossed the desktop searches, this becomes necessary that your website is mobile friendly. The Google search engine also adds mobile factor as the ranking factor along with the tag in organic search results as: “This website is mobile friendly” (Update: This is showing … Read more

A jQuery Touch / Mouse Slider (mobile friendly) with 3 Demos

jquery range slider color picker

The responsive jQuery slider with touch and mouse In other tutorials, I have covered quite a few sliders based on jQuery with different features. The built-in slider in jQuery UI, mouse enabled range slider with demos, and a rotating slider are also covered. The plug-in covered in this tutorial is also based on jQuery, which … Read more

A touch keyboard using Bootstrap with jQuery: 5 demos

jQuery keyboard customized CSS

The touch keyboard for Bootstrap In this tutorial, a jQuery plug-in is used for creating keyboards of different types like a general QWERTY keyboard, for entering telephone, passwords, etc. for touch screen devices like smartphones. In order to implement that in your website, you need jQuery and Bootstrap version 3+. The plug-in uses Bootstrap’s popover … Read more

A JavaScript based slider: TouchSlider with 5 demos

JavaScript slider add remove

The TouchSlider plug-in for sliding content The TouchSlider is a JS based plug-in that enables smooth sliding of the content. The TouchSlider is a responsive slider that also supports mobile/tablet as well. This simple to use slider supports mouse drag and wheel, touch screen etc. You can create a slider with different sized content and … Read more