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How to Create Checkbox with Bulma?

The Bulma checkbox class does not add any style to the checkbox form control. The reason is to keep browser compatibility.

However, you may use third party solutions for styling the checkbox while using the Bulma framework. I will explain this with examples in the coming section. Let us first look at a few basic checkbox examples in Bulma.

A simple checkbox using Bulma

In the example below, we have a checkbox input type and the label is given the checkbox class (which is Bulma framework class):

bulma checkbox simple

See online demo and code

Adding a link to a checkbox example

This is generally required in cases where you ask users, for example, “do you agree to the T&C”? There, the “Terms and Conditions” or any other text is linked to the specific page.

Bulma can handle this as shown in an example below:

bulma checkbox link

See online demo and code

The example of a disabled checkbox

For disabling a checkbox to allow users to tick/untick, simply add the disabled attribute to the checkbox control.

See online demo and code

You may notice that the checkbox, as well as label/link, is also disabled.

Styling the checkbox example

As mentioned earlier, you may use third party solution e.g. a plug-in for styling the checkboxes. For example, coloring the checkbox, making checkbox look circular etc.

If you have got time and skills, you may style it yourself. In the example below, I am sharing a cool solution for creating colorful as well as circular checkboxes.

Credit: The solution in Github.

First, have a look at the example by clicking the demo link below and then you can see how to set up this.

The first example shows various contextual color checkboxes. For example, is-warning to create orange, is-danger for red, and so on. Have a look:

cool checkbox

See online demo and code

The example of circular checkboxes in Bulma

This example shows circular checkboxes by using the same plug-in. Have a look:

cool checkbox circular

See online demo and code

How to set up cool checkbox for Bulma

In order to create these cool checkboxes, you need to include the bulma-radio-checkbox.css file in the head section of the web page. You may get this file by “view source” the demo page (above two demos) or download it from the above credit link (Github website).

You also need to include the font-awesome library (if not already used).

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