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Bulma Select Box

In order to make simple HTML select form element look stylish with an icon (optionally), you may use the “select” class of Bulma framework.

For that, simply apply the select modifier to the main wrapper containing the select element. Bulma select element enables you to customize the look of select form element for color, size, and state.

Keep on reading the section below for seeing the live examples with complete code of various select styles.

A simple example of select dropdown

In this example, we have a simple select control where we applied the select modifier class to the wrapper div element.

bulma select simple

See online demo and code

Creating various color select dropdown

You may use the available classes for coloring the select control. For example, in order to give red outline to select box, use the is-danger context class along with the select modifier. Similarly, for light blue, use the is-info and so on.

The example below shows five different color select boxes:

bulma select

See online demo and code

A rounded select control example

You may create a rounded control by using the is-rounded modifier along with the “select” modifier. Just like the above colors example, you may also give rounded select control a color by using any of the contextual class colors.

See an example below:

See online demo and code

Small, medium and large size select example

For dealing with the size of select control, you may use the size classes. Following classes are available:

  • is-small
  • is-medium
  • is-large

In the example below, you can see all available sizes:

bulma select sizes

See online demo and code

Creating select with an icon example

The example below shows displaying an icon in the select box. For that, the font-awesome icon library is used and referenced in the head section of the demo page. Have a look:

bulma select icon

See online demo and code

An example of focus state select

By using the is-focused class in the select tag, a select box with the focused state is created. Bulma also has other classes for select states. These are:

  • is-focused
  • is-hovered
  • is-active

The demo below shows its usage:

bulma select state

See online demo and code

A loading select example

In certain scenarios, your select box values might be loading from the slow data sources (especially third party database) where you have no idea how long it may take to load all values. In that case, you may use a loading style select element provided by Bulma.

For creating a loading select box, just add the is-loading modifier along with the select class as shown below:

bulma select loading

See online demo and code

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