2 demos of multi-select and auto-complete jQuery plug-in: MSelectDialogBox

jquery multiselect autocomplete

The MSelectDialogBox plug-in for multi-select and auto-complete Earlier, I have covered the built-in jQuery autocomplete plug-in here with demos. Similarly, the different multi-select dropdowns are also covered on this website. In this tutorial, a multi-select and auto-complete plug-in which is jQuery based plug-in is covered with live demos. The plug-in name is MSelectDialogBox that you may … Read more

2 Demos of Auto-complete jQuery light-weight Plug-in

jQuery auto complete

The auto-complete plug-in In the series of jQuery UI components, I explained how you can use the auto complete by using a few lines of code after including the jQuery UI library. In this tutorial, I am going to show you a light-weight plug-in whose minified size is only 4Kb. For that, you simply need … Read more

A Guide to use jQuery Autocomplete with Code and Examples

jquery autocomplete States

The autocomplete widget in jQuery UI The jQuery UI library comes up with a very useful plugin that you can use quite easily, otherwise, you have to write a lot of codes, called autocomplete. In this faster world of the internet, visitors really appreciate websites with handy features that let them not memorize or suggest … Read more