jQuery addClass with HTML Table, Button, Links and List

jQuery addClass button

Purpose of addClass method The jQuery addClass method is used to add class(es) to specified HTML elements. You may add one or more classes in a single call. If matched elements are more than one, the addClass method will add the given class(es) to all matched elements. For example, if you specified “div” as a … Read more

Beautiful jQuery Alerts with 12+ Demos by using Different Plug-ins

jQuery alert confirm buttons

The alerts in jQuery The jQuery is a JavaScript library so you can use simple JavaScript alerts while using jQuery in your web projects. The alerts take the browser’s default style which looks simple. Have a look at this an alert which is created inside the jQuery code: Code with jQuery <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <script … Read more

jQuery AJAX Tutorial: 7 Demos of div, Form, Tabs, Accordion, and Table

jQuery ajax div

Purpose of jQuery AJAX method The jQuery has handy methods to work with AJAX quite simply and easily. The methods include $.ajax, $.post, $.get, $.load, etc. By using these methods, you may accomplish certain tasks like Submitting forms without reloading a web page, pulling data in an autocomplete field, loading table data, using tabs which … Read more

How to use jQuery hide / show methods with div, table, lists demos

jQuery show hide menu

The hide and show methods of jQuery The jQuery show method is used to display the hidden elements in a web page. For example: $(“div”).show(speed,callback); The $.hide method is used to hide the visible elements: $(“selector”).hide(speed,callback); Where, a selector can be a text paragraph, a menu contained in a div, HTML tables, and specific rows … Read more

jQuery fadeIn, fadeOut, and fadeToggle

jQuery fadeTo

Purpose of fade methods The fade methods of jQuery are used to hide or show HTML elements with fading effects. If an element is visible then it can be hidden with fading effect by using $.fadeOut method. To show the hidden elements to opaque, you may use $.fadeIn method. Following are a few online demos … Read more

jQuery $.each Method

jquery each

What is each method? The $.each method of jQuery makes it quite easier to iterate through different collection types in DOM. The collection type can be an object or arrays of jQuery. You might have seen or used the for each loop type in different programming languages, the jQuery each method is like that. The $.each method … Read more

jQuery $.toggle Method

jquery toggle easing

The toggle method The toggle method of jQuery will hide specified visible elements and display the hidden elements. Use the toggle method if you need to allow users to show or hide any elements like div, menu, paragraphs, etc. in your web pages by giving a switchable option. If only a single target is required, … Read more

jQuery $.on Method

jquery onclick change mouseleave

The jQuery $.on method In a simple definition, you can say the $.on method is a longer version of event methods like click, dbclick, change, hover, keyUp, keyDown, and others. The jQuery allows you to use the shorthand of events like click event and other events. However, the .on method not only allows you to use … Read more

jQuery $.click Method

jquery click animation

A brief about click method The click method of jQuery can be used in any HTML element like div, paragraphs, span, hyperlink, etc. to accomplish some task as required. The click is a mouse event that happens as you depress the mouse button. However, the pointer of the mouse must be inside of that element to … Read more

jQuery Animate method

jquery animate accordion

The animate method of jQuery jQuery animate method makes it quite easier to create animations on your web pages for different elements. Basically, animations are created for restricted numeric CSS properties that can be applied to elements like div, paragraphs, span, etc. elements. The animations created are lightweight and smooth that otherwise need to use … Read more