A jQuery horizontal bar chart with Bootstrap: hBarChart

jQuery horizontal chart custom

The horizontal bar chart plug-in for jQuery For creating the horizontal bar chart plug-in, you may use a jQuery solution hBarChart. This solution requires using the HTML lists where each <li> represents a bar. The plug-in can be initiated by a single line of code or use the available options for customizing e.g. color of … Read more

3 Demos of jQuery/JavaScript keyword highlighting plug-in: mark.js

jQuery keyword highlight

Highlighting the keywords in web pages The mark.js is a pure JavaScript and jQuery solution for highlighting the keywords entered in the search field. If you have long text paragraphs in your web pages and need to facilitate the users highlighting the specified text then mark.js is a solution for you. Not only text paragraphs, … Read more

Check/Uncheck all Checkboxes by jQuery: SelectAllCheckbox

jQuery checkbox select all

What is SelectAllCheckbox plug-in? The SelectAllCheckbox is a jQuery-based plug-in that can be used to allow visitors to check or uncheck all options at one go. If the group of checkboxes contains a disabled checkbox(es) then its state will not be changed. You may add as many checkboxes as you require in the group as … Read more

A jQuery news ticker/text slider plug-in: simpleTicker.js with 3 Demos

jQuery ticker fade

Creating news ticker/text slider in web pages The simpleTicker.js is a jQuery based simple plug-in for creating the ticker or text sliding with different patterns. The supported patterns are fade, roll, and slide which you may set by using the JavaScript options. Developer’s page Download plug-in Setting up the jquery.simpleTicker.js plugin All you need is … Read more

Fit text into HTML element by jQuery: 2 Demos

jQuery fix text attributes

Fixing text in HTML elements by jQuery The textfit plug-in fits the text in one line according to the width of the element that contains it. It adjusts the font-size of text with respect to the width of the element. The plug-in size is just 1K that you may place before the body closing tag. … Read more

A jQuery burst animation plug-in for images

jQuery burst animation

Create burst animation for images The boomjs is a jQuery based plugin that creates burst animation for the element in DOM. You may specify the container and image by using the jQuery code with two available options. The options are to specify the size of pieces by using the piece_size option while you may also … Read more

2 Demos of Creating animated text shadows by jQuery

jQuery text shadow

The txtshadow plug-in The txtshadow jQuery plug-in enables creating the animated and dynamic text shadows that move with the mouse pointer. So, as the mouse is moved over or around the specified text the shadow will move accordingly. You may specify the blur and color of shadow in the options provided by the plug-in. Demo1 … Read more

Customizable marquee effect with jQuery and CSS3: 3 Demos

jQuery marquee

The marquee effect with CSS3 The Css3Marquee plug-in uses jQuery and CSS3 for creating the marquee effect as an alternative to the HTML marquee which is not smooth in all browsers. You may customize the speed and direction of the marquee effect by using the data attribute or jQuery code. Developer’s page Download plug-in Setting … Read more