jQuery Tax Calculator plug-in for Financial Websites

The tax calculator plug-in based on jQuery

The jquery-taxcalc is a simple plug-in based on jQuery for calculating the tax for 1040EZ category. All a user has to do is to provide a few values like Filing status, Are you someone dependent, Income, Payments, Credits, Tax etc. and the plug-in will calculate the tax.

The output is displayed as digits as well as in the form of charts that describe the Adjusted gross income, Exemption deduction, Taxable income, total credits, tax, and tax bracket.

See the demo and code below.

Developer page Download plug-in

Setting up the jQuery tax calculator plug-in

After downloading the plug-in, get the chart.js file and place it after the jQuery library:

<script src=”js/tax-calc/chart.js”></script>

This is for the chart presentation. See the demo below for further jQuery code directly used in the web page.

A demo of tax calculation plug-in

For the demo, the Bootstrap CSS library is used for styling different sections. First, enter the “Filing Status and Dependents” followed by your income details and any payments or credit amount. As you are entering the data, you will see the right side of the page displaying payable tax and other information.

jQuery tax calculator

See online demo and code

See the demo by clicking the above link or image.

For more on this plug-in, visit the developer page.