Add hover effect in Bootstrap nav by jQuery: 4 demos

Bootstrap hover nav

The hover effect in Bootstrap navs This is highly likely that you will use navigation menu whether it is a top, left or right menu as using the Bootstrap framework or any other website that contain links to the main pages, categories etc. Adding cool hovering effects as a user brings the mouse over any … Read more

Bootstrap 3 Dropdown Menu on hover Plug-in: 5 Demos

Bootstrap- hover button group

The dropdown menu and hover state In the dropdown menu tutorial of Bootstrap, I showed seven demos of the menus that appeared as you clicked the dropdown (buttons or links). This is the default behaviour of the dropdown component that comes with the Bootstrap framework. If you want to open the dropdown menu as the mouse … Read more

4 Demos of Creating hover Effects with jQuery plug-in

jQuery hover

The hovering effect As you bring the mouse over an element, the hover event occurs. You may perform certain things by using jQuery as this occurs. In this tutorial, I am using the “jQuery-hover-effects” plug-in, which is a light-weight, just 6Kb JS file for creating hover effects on elements. Basically, this plug-in will show the … Read more

jQuery hover method with CSS effects

jQuery hover list

The hover method in jQuery The jQuery hover method binds two handlers as the mouse enters and leaves a specified element like a link, a paragraph, lists, and others. You may execute the code in those handlers like changing the background colors, fonts, adding text, or some other actions. Syntax of using hover method This … Read more