HTML Form Validation with Animations by jQuery: 4 Demos

jQuery form animatio custom css

What is formAnimation plug-in about? The formAnimation plug-in is a light-weight plug-in based on jQuery that can be used for showing cool animations for web forms upon invalid submission. You may use this plug-in for simple HTML forms or based on other frameworks like Bootstrap forms as well. Underway, this form validation plug-in uses the … Read more

jQuery Animate on Click: button link and other elements

jQuery animation button

The animateClick plug-in In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you may create animations as specified elements like a button is clicked. For example, as you click create account button, you can show an animation of “Tick” to confirm users that account is created. Similarly, for a failed operation upon clicking a … Read more

Create parallax scroll animation by using jQuery plug-in (Parallaxer)

jQuery parallax text

The parallax scrolling? The parallax scrolling is a concept where background (that generally is the image(s) with 3D effects) moves slower than the foreground. This concept is particularly popular for one-page websites. There are many plug-ins that enable creating the parallax animation or effect in your web pages. In this tutorial, I am going to … Read more

Animate HTML Elements by jQuery plug-in

jQuery animate boots

Animating HTML elements In jQuery animate method’s tutorial, I showed how you can use the $.animate method for simple animations of HTML elements like a div, circle, and other UI elements. Similarly, in the free template section, I used animate.css plug-in for creating animations in different elements that used different effects like bounceIn, bounceOut, etc. … Read more

jQuery Animate method

jquery animate accordion

The animate method of jQuery jQuery animate method makes it quite easier to create animations on your web pages for different elements. Basically, animations are created for restricted numeric CSS properties that can be applied to elements like div, paragraphs, span, etc. elements. The animations created are lightweight and smooth that otherwise need to use … Read more