CSS box-shadow: 4 Demos along with Apple logo

CSS apple logo

The box-shadow property in CSS In this tutorial, the Apple logo is used to display without using any image. The demo in the following section uses pure CSS where the box-shadow CSS property is used along with other properties for making the Apple logo. Before showing you the example, FYI, the box-shadow property is used … Read more

Create CSS text shadow Explained with 4 Examples

CSS shadow style

The text-shadow property in CSS The text-shadow property, as the name shows, is used to give shadows in the text of the web pages. Normally, you will use text shadows in headings or any other text to make it prominent. You may also add animation based on CSS to the shadows to even stand out more. … Read more

What is font-family applied on web page? Find by jQuery

jquery font detection inline

The font detector plug-in based on jQuery In some scenarios, you may need to find out what font is applied to different elements of your web pages on the user’s computer. Based on that, you may perform certain actions like adjusting the font-size etc. The jQuery-based plug-in (jquery-detectfont) can be used for that purpose. See … Read more

jQuery text / Quote / testimonial spinner plug-in: 2 demos

jquery text spinner CSS

Rotating text by using jQuery plug-in The text spinner plug-in which is based on jQuery can be used for rotating the quotes or testimonials etc. in your web pages. If your web page has less space where you want to show more quotes or testimonials by the customers in rotating manners, this plug-in, Quote-Spinner, can … Read more

Bootstrap text shadow effects with pure CSS: 2 demos

Bootstrap CSS text shadow

Text effects as using Bootstrap with custom CSS In this tutorial, I am going to use pure CSS with Bootstrap framework for creating text effects that you may use for headings or some other purpose. Normally, as using the text-shadow CSS property, you will specify the horizontal and vertical shadows along with blur and color … Read more

A pure CSS / Bootstrap notice card: 2 templates

Bootstrap notice card

The Bootstrap notice cards The notice card is like a typical yellow or other colored paper that you may stick as a reminder of some task or to write an important note and stick it to some easily “noticeable” place. You may use notice card in websites for a special note to the users or for any … Read more

CSS 3 long shadow text by using jQuery: 3 demos

Query shadow demo

The CSS 3 shadow and jQuery The CSS 3 shadow property can be used for creating shadows of text in your web pages. In CSS 3 text-shadow property, you have to specify the horizontal and vertical shadows along with optional blur and color options. For example: See online demo and code In this tutorial, a … Read more