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3 Examples to Split String in C++ by Comma and Space

How to split string in C++?

In this tutorial, we will show you ways of splitting a string by comma and space in C++.

There are different ways you can achieve this task.

Using stringstream and getline() function to split string

We can use getline() function and stringstream to split strings in C++. First, have a look at the following C++ program and then I will explain how it worked:



You can see, the above string is split by a space delimiter. So, how it worked?

  • We associated a string object (str_Spl) to stringstream. Stringstream allows reading from the string.
  • The getline() is used. It takes three parameters including the delimiter. There you may specify a space, comma, or any other desired character that you want to split a string.
  • You may learn more about getline() function in its tutorial.

Using comma as delimiter to split strings in C++

The program below splits the string by comma delimiter.



Taking user input for source string to split

In this example, we take the input from the user to enter the string to split by space delimiter.

Sample Output:



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