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2 Ways to On/Off Scroll Lock for Excel

If you suddenly start seeing navigating from cell to cell is stopped while pressing the arrow keys and rather navigating in the worksheet then your scroll lock is ON.

excel scroll lock

Most chances are you have pressed the “Scroll Lock” key in the keyboard either accidentally or for some other reason and as started working in Excel, the scrolling is in the worksheet rather than the normal cell to cell movement.

How to see if scroll lock is On/Off in Excel?

The status bar is the one at the bottom with information like Sum, Average, Count etc.

Excel scroll lock

You may set to see the status of scroll lock in Excel’s status bar. For that, right click on the status bar and see if “Scroll Lock” is checked or unchecked.

Upon right clicking, it not only tells whether currently, the Scroll Lock is On or Off but you may check/uncheck whether showing the Scroll Lock status in the status bar or not.

Note: If unchecked, the status of scroll lock “On” will not be visible.

Fixing the Excel scroll lock

The immediate fix can be pressing again the “Scroll Lock” in the keyboard.

Normally, the Scroll Lock key should be with “Print Screen” and “Pause/Break” keys in your keyboard but it may vary from vendor to vendor.

A small light indicating the Scroll Lock may also be visible, depending on the keyboard vendor.

What if Scroll Lock key is not in the keyboard?

Chances are there is no scroll lock key at all in your keyboard but Excel still shows and behaves as if Scroll Lock is ON.

In that case, you may use the virtual keyboard (available in your Windows) from turning the Scroll Lock Off.

Here is how you may On/Off scroll lock by using on-screen keyboard on various Windows versions.

Scroll lock in Window 7

Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Ease of Access > On-Screen Keyboard.

This should look like this:

Excel scroll lock on screen

Windows 8.1 Scroll Lock

  • Click on the Change PC Settings
  • Ease of Access > Keyboard
  • Click the “On Screen Keyboard”
  • Click the ScrLk button on the keyboard that appeared on the screen.

For Windows 10 version

Click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard.

There, you can see the “On Screen Keyboard” button. Click to turn it On.

On the screen keyboard, you can see the ScrLk button.

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