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Freezing Columns in Excel

In Excel, freezing the first column (the leftmost) is pretty easy. Similarly, freezing two or more columns is easy but a little trick that I will show in this tutorial.

Excel freeze two cols

Freezing the first column example

In certain scenarios, the first column may contain sheet headers that you may want to always keep in view as navigating or working in the worksheet.

Excel allows you to freeze the first column and top row easily. For freezing first column and top row, the options in the menu are available straight away. Follow the steps below for doing that:

Go to:

  • View” in the ribbon
  • Find the “Freeze Panes” group
  • Open the menu by small arrow and select “Freeze First Column

Excel freeze column

This will freeze the first column. As you navigate towards the right, this column should always be in view for that worksheet (as shown in the above graphic).

Similarly, you may freeze the top row by clicking the Freeze Top Row under the “Freeze Panes” menu.

Note: If you freeze the first column, it remains visible for the horizontal movement only. If you navigate downwards/vertical, the column values move.

How to freeze multiple columns?

Suppose, you want to freeze column A and B, so that their content is in focus as moving horizontally to the other columns. Follow these steps:

  • select the column C or C1 cell
  • Go to View in the ribbon.
  • Look for “Freeze Panes” group
  • Click the small arrow and press the “Freeze Panes” in the menu as shown in the graphic below

Excel freeze two colums

Now, as you move towards the right horizontally, the columns A and B should stay in place while other columns should move.

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