Free Bootstrap registration / Create Account form: 3 code snippets

The registration / Create account form and Bootstrap

In other tutorials of Bootstrap series, I showed how you may create Bootstrap based forms by using built-in classes.

The demos included simple form along with custom CSS to style with your own color scheme. I also used icon classes in the form control in demos.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you creating simple and free registration or account creation forms, that you may easily integrate with the script like PHP, JSP, etc. to save information into databases.

A free Bootstrap registration form – Theme 1

This “Register / Create Account” form is created by using the “Lato” font that can be referenced from Google fonts. The form contains Name, email, desired user name, password and confirm password fields.

The green theme is used for this form. See the demo online along with complete code:

Bootstrap free form theme-1

See online demo and code

You have to include the references of Bootstrap CSS and JS files. Along with this, font-awesome.min.css is also included which icons are used with form controls.

The reddish theme of account registration form

This theme is designed with the reddish theme that uses different icons for form controls than above theme like user name, name, email, and password.

Bootstrap free form theme-red

See online demo and code

Get the complete form code at the demo page.

The Bootstrap blue form

The blue form is given the btn-info Bootstrap built-in class for the button. While form controls are also given some bluish shades along with background and icon colors.

Bootstrap free form theme-blue

See online demo and code

For the form controls colors, a separate class is created in the <style> section, .formcontrolcls, where the linear background is used for each control while the font used is “Raleway” which is also available from Google fonts.