C++ Programs to Add Two Numbers


How to add two numbers in C++ In this short tutorial, I will show you adding two numbers in C++. First program: Adds two variable values Second Program: User is asked to enter two numbers to get the sum Third Program: Class is used with two functions to add user entered two numbers and more … Read more

C++ If, else, else if Statements

C++ if-else structure: Flowchart illustration for decision-making with alternative paths.

Decision-making statement in C++ To execute a statement or block of statements if a certain condition(s) is true, you may use the C++ if statement. As a condition is true in the if statement, C++ will execute the given statement(s). In order to execute one or more statements if the condition is false, you may … Read more

C++ For Loop: Explained with Examples

Mastering C++ for loops: A step-by-step guide to code control

What is for loop in C++ The for loop is a way to iterate a certain block of code a given number of times. You may exit a for entirely or may code to exit only one or more iterations by using specified statements – explained in the sections below. How to write for loop … Read more