C++ Do While Loop


In the previous tutorial, we learned using the for loop in C++ if we know how many times to execute a block of code.
The C++ while loop is used to execute a block of code until a certain condition is true.

C++ Switch Case statement

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The switch case is another decision-making statement that allows you to execute one or a block of statements as a certain condition is true. The switch statement is used with the case statement

How to Sort Vector in C++

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In C++, you may sort the vector by using the sort() function. This is defined in the header file, so you have to include this in your C++ file.

C++ String find() Function

Exploring C++ string operations: An infographic depicting the C++ find() function

The string find() function in C++ is used to find a substring in the given string.
The find() function belongs to the C++ string class.
We must include in the header section

C++ Float


The float is one of the available data types in C++.This is used to store floating point numbers in variables.It’s a numeric literal – in the exponent or fractional form. For example, 10.5.

C++ Programs to Generate Random Numbers Between 1 to 10


How to generate random numbers between 1 to 10 in C++? In this short tutorial, I am going to show how to generate random numbers between 1 to 10 in C++. For our examples, we will use the rand() function. The rand() function: Is a built-in function in C++ Standard Library Defined in the <cstdlib> … Read more

Find the C++ Array Length

Understanding Array Length in C++: An in-depth guide that explores various techniques to find the length of arrays in C++, empowering programmers to work with dynamic data structures efficiently.

One of the ways to get the length of an array is using the sizeof() operator in C++.

There are other ways that you may use to get the array length:

By using pointers hack
size() function in STL
By using the begin() and end() functions of Standard Library

C++ getline() Function


Defined in the header file. Is used to take user input in single as well as multi-lines. A user can enter single or multiple words string

4 Ways to Swap Numbers in C++


In this tutorial, we will show you how to swap numbers in C++ in the following ways:By using swap functionBy using the temporary variableUsing + and 1 Using * and /

C++ While Loop

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The While loop is used to execute a block of code until a specified condition is true. Alternatively, you can say, if the execution of the specified code repeatedly is not fixed then we use a while loop.

C++ break Statement

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Purpose of break statement The break statement is used to exit the for, while, do-while loops, and switch statements. As we iterate through a C++ while or for loop and the break statement is executed, the control moves outside of the loop to the next statement (if written). In case of break statement executes inside … Read more