Choco bar – Free Bootstrap landing page theme

The Choco-bar theme

The Choco-bar is a free theme which is built on Bootstrap framework that uses Bootstrap grid system so it adjusts nicely in various devices from desktop to smartphones.

Bootstrap choco-bar

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Who can use it?

The theme is designed with chocolate colors, so at first look, it looks to be used by bakery business, chocolate or any other food related companies looking to present information.

By changing the color scheme, this free Bootstrap website can be used by various businesses.

Features of Choco-bar theme

  • The main carousel where you may display one to many special products, promos with headings and captions.
  • An “Our Specialties” section to present top rated products along with order/buy button that you may link to shopping cart or a simple form.
  • The feedback section to show customer views or feedback about the experience with products or service. It uses collapsible panels based on Bootstrap.
  • A section to show the complete range of products with a multi-product small carousel. In wider screens, it displays four products. As the screen gets smaller like in the case of smartphones, it will display only one product at a time.
  • An online form that can be used to get feedback or orders without transactions.
  • As a user presses “Place Order” button, an email will be sent by using an AJAX call, so the page will not be refreshed.
  • The downloaded package also includes PHP script to send an email. Simply replace the email address where you want to receive emails.

Bootstrap choco-bar form

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Wow Animations

In this free theme of Bootstrap, I have used different animations by using “wow plugin”. As a user scrolls to different sections or clicks on menu items at the top navigation, the particular section will be displayed with nice animation that gives life to static content.

Bootstrap choco bar specials

All required files are also included in the package.

A responsive theme

The theme is fully responsive including main slider (top carousel), feedback, special products, the small slider and feedback form.

However, you should only use a limited number of links in top navigation so it does not disturb with smaller desktop screens.

For mobiles, a high number of menu items can be displayed normally.

Bootstrap choco-bar responsive

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