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Bootstrap text shadow effects with pure CSS: 2 demos

Text effects as using Bootstrap with custom CSS

In this tutorial, I am going to use pure CSS with Bootstrap framework for creating text effects that you may use for headings or some other purpose.

Normally, as using the text-shadow CSS property, you will specify the horizontal and vertical shadows along with blur and color of the shadow, for example:


See the following demos where I will use multiple values for defining the shadow of the text.

A demo of CSS text-shadow with multiple values

See the demo of text shadow with code and output by clicking the link or image below:

CSS text shadow

See online demo and code

The CSS:


The markup using the Bootstrap:


Another demo of shadow-effect

See another demo of text shadow by using pure CSS. Again, by using multiple values separated by commas, the shadow is created.

Bootstrap CSS text shadow

See online demo and code

The CSS:


Get the complete code from the demo page.

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