Bootstrap 5 Select: 5 Examples


The select is an HTML element to get the user input in the form of a dropdown list. Most often, the select is used in the HTML form. Bootstrap 5 provides built-in classes to design/style the HTML select for control

5 Examples to Understand Using Bootstrap 5 Accordion


Bootstrap 5 Accordion Just like older Bootstrap versions, you may create accordion or collapsible components in your web pages using the Bootstrap 5 framework – without using JavaScript. Why use Accordion? If you have less space on a web page and more content to show then you may create a panel line component that expands … Read more

Bootstrap 5 Tables


Just like Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 tables, you may create tables in Bootstrap 5 with various styles by utilizing built-in classes.

How to Create Bootstrap 5 Alerts: Explained with 5 Examples


A little about Bootstrap 5 Alerts The alert is a way of communicating with the users of your website. A contextual feedback message can be displayed to the user by using the Bootstrap 5 built-in component, easily. For example, you may display an alert as a warning that is orange in color. Similarly, a critical … Read more

Bootstrap 5 Modal {No jQuery}


Bootstrap 5 Modal Bootstrap modal or a simple modal has generally the following characteristics: The modal element is positioned over everything else on the web page. So, if you have paragraphs, images, videos, etc. on your page.. the modal will be active while all other content becomes passive. Modal also removes the scroll from the … Read more

6 Demos of Bootstrap [3,4,5] Data Tables with Paging, Rows per view and more

Bootstrap data table odd even

The data tables and Bootstrap In the table tutorial of Bootstrap, I showed how you can create simple tables by using Bootstrap built-in classes. In this tutorial, a plug-in is used for creating data tables that have useful features like pagination, sorting, search, etc. Features A user may select how many rows to display at … Read more