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A jQuery / CSS3 image pre loader plug-in with 3 demos

The image pre-loader plug-in

The preloader for images can be used for loading the images on backward while users will see this “processing” loader in the meanwhile. This light-weight plug-in is particularly useful if you have a number of heavy images to load and you want users not to leave the web page.

The jquery_img_preloader is tiny in size, just 2Kb JS file that you may place in the <body> section of the webpage. It also uses CSS 3 properties that are placed in the <style> section. See the following demos along with how you may set up this plug-in for your web project.

A demo of image preloader

In the demo, three images are referred from different sources. The pre-loader will keep on showing until all images are downloaded. For that, you have to place the source images in the div with id=content and specify image sources by using data-src attribute in the image tag. See the demonstration online.

jQuery pre loader image

See online demo and code

For setting up this plug-in, simply place the JS file (jquery.img_preloader.js) above the </body> tag after jQuery file. You may download this file from the plug-in page from GitHub here or view source the demo page and save the file in your system

A demo of specifying array of images in jQuery

You may also pre-load the images by using an array in the imgPreloader.preLoadURLs method of plug-in. See the following demo where the same set of images are pre-loaded in an array:

jQuery pre loader image2

See online demo and code

In that case, the images are preloaded in the backward and content in the <div> will display after these are loaded. However, images won’t display unless you use it explicitly. The following script is used for this demo:


A demo of changing colors of circles

By modifying a few CSS 3 properties, you may change the colors of circles of preloader. For that, simply change the load5 in CSS which is placed in the <style> section. The box-shadow for different percentage deals with the colors. Have a look at the demo where I changed the color to red and green for different small circles of pre loader:

jQuery pre loader colors

See online demo and code

Similarly, you may change other properties to match loader with the rest of your design.

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