9 elegant Bootstrap themes – free and paid

The Bootstrap platform has become very popular over the last few years due to responsive (mobile first) in nature. By having a single website, it may run at the desktop and notebooks of different resolutions along with tablets and smartphones.

So more and more companies and bloggers are keen to start/migrate their websites or blogs to Bootstrap framework.

Following is the list of free and paid Bootstrap based themes or templates that can be used for different verticals like news and politics, traveling, finance, sports, business start up, portfolios etc.

Update: This is quite an old post, so a few of the links given are not available anymore.

Bootstrap theme: Flatfy

The Flatfy is a one-page theme based at Bootstrap framework. It opens up nicely as a user scrolls down to different sections. It also has a carousel and built on Bootstrap based CSS.

Bootstrap theme Flatfy

The theme also contains a short form to let users contact by filling the form.

This Bootstrap theme is free of cost. You just have to “tweet” as a payment. So if you are looking to create a small website for your business or services where SEO is not a big focus, this might a good choice to start with.

Live demo and Download

OSCEND – Bootstrap 3 based responsive theme

The OSCEND is a Bootstrap 3 based theme that can be used for different businesses. This is quite flexible to customize as per needs of your business nature. It is built on Bootstrap 1170px grid system.

The package includes free Google font and free icon font. It also includes PSD file. The theme adjusts nicely in desktops, tablets as well as smart phones.


Theme link page  Live demo

So, if you are looking for the multi-page website for the presentation of your business then OSCEND can be a good choice.

InkNess – combo of Bootstrap + wordpress

If you are a blogger or starting a new blog and looking for a free theme with the power of WordPress and mobile-first “tag” based at Bootstrap then InkNess is a good choice to look at.

It is responsive, built on Bootstrap framework that will run on any type of mobile/ smart phones, notebooks, desktops, and tablets.


The landing page has features blog posts options that are linked to detail pages. The top navigation bar(navbar) display nice social icons.

To download free Bootstrap theme:

Download Theme | Preview

Glimmer – A responsive theme for different blogs

The Glimmer is a drupal based blog theme which is built on Bootstrap 3. That means it is responsive in nature that will adjust nicely in different desktops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones. So you do not need to worry about mobile-friendliness and just focus at the content building.

This theme can be used by blogs in different categories:

  • Tutorials
  • Life Style
  • Hobby blogs
  • Personal blog
  • And others

Bootstrap theme glimmer

The package includes HTML, 6 different homepage styles along with 8 post formats. Retina ready Custom icon and also support Google font APIs.

You may easily customize this theme with custom layout support. To manage the “Page not found”, you may also customize the 404 error page.

Theme page | Live Preview

Cave – A multipurpose portfolio – Bootstrap based theme

Again, if you are looking to create the portfolio of your new business or want to give cool change to existing website, then cave is a good and cheap choice to go with.


As it is based at Bootstrap framework, so responsiveness is not a question: it adjusts automatically to various desktop and notebooks with different resolutions. While it will adjust to android or iOS etc. based smart phones as well.

The package includes 33 HTML files with three homes page styles. It also includes three pages for service and work section.

The contact page includes 3 styles as well. The Cave theme also includes sliders and carousels.

Theme page | Live Preview

Worthy – A free Bootstrap 3 based theme


Worthy is a free theme that can use used for presenting the portfolio of your business or personal skills. This theme can also be used by agencies or small corporations to showcase their work or services.

The Worthy theme is compatible to modern browsers as well as being based at Bootstrap framework ensures its responsiveness in different platforms.

You may download and use it free of cost by following the links below:

Download link  Live preview

Update: Not available anymore.

LUXOR premium real estate theme

Very elegant and eye-catching, built on Bootstrap framework that uses WordPress software. The LUXOR theme is great for real estate business to sell homes, condos, shops, or other commercial units.

The features include a slide (flexslider), WOW animations, infographics, etc. As this is based at Bootstrap, so it gives smooth experience to any type of device that ensure you do not loose visitors from mobiles / smart phones or desktops due to the user experience.


The built-in property system is a great feature that allows you to create properties with slideshows, add Google maps, set as featured, and many other options.

The carousel system is also custom built where you may showcase the properties in such a professional way that really adds seriousness and awesome experience at the visitor’s end.

One other feature is the membership area where agents can register and add / post properties.

To read the full features list, go to theme web page:

Theme Page Live Preview

Update: Not available anymore.

Coffee Break – A cheap responsive theme

The coffee break costs just $8 that suits if your website is underway and want to convey some message as “Coming Soon”. You may also use this for a landing page or portfolio purpose as well.

Bootstrap theme Coffee Break

With that low cost, the features are not less. It’s a responsive, Bootstrap 3 based theme that include 500+ features awesome vectors icons. It has a slideshow background. The jQuery preloader also included. It has left navigation that expands with text as a user brings the mouse over it. Otherwise, it will only display small icons.

The website is mobile-friendly with an AJAX based contact form so the page should not be refreshed while a message is sent by the user.

Coffee break page Live Preview

Update: Not available anymore.

React – Compatible with Bootstrap 3.3x

The “React” theme is suitable if you are a business or startup or provide services and want to have a website with more than a fewer pages. The theme is built with latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 with responsiveness to various platforms in mind.


The Theme is compatible with Bootstrap 3.3x with nice features for small to mid-sized businesses. The features include 3 home pages with service page that has more information option.

If you have a price chart to show, you may present it with FAQs and more info. Other basic pages like about, contact, etc. are also included.

Look at the live preview and complete details by following the links below:

Theme page Live Preview

Update: Not available anymore.

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