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11 Free and premium Bootstrap templates (Responsive)

The Bootstrap has built-in classes, components, and plug-ins that you can use in your web projects based at Bootstrap framework. For example, forms, navbar, buttons, modal windows, tables, panels, accordion and others.

However, these are basic and give the same look if you use the default styles. To give it some different or unique look you may utilize free Bootstrap templates or even complete themes to develop your websites. In addition, you may use third-party plug-ins like date-pickers to add more features in your website.

Following is the list of Bootstrap free templates that you can use and modify as per need.

Cerulean – Free Bootstrap element templates

The Cerulean is a combination of different elements and components based at Bootstrap. You may get a nice template with code for various buttons, Navs, Progress bars, dialogs etc.

Bootstrap templete

Just bring the mouse over to the desired element and click on the right corner to display the code. You may get that template code and use it in your website.

Bootstrap tempelate button

By combining different sections, you may even create a complete website with various features including tables, alerts, modals and others.

Template link

Landing Zero Theme – A free Bootstrap template

The Landing Zero Theme is a single page template that can be used to showcase your work or services. Agencies, small businesses or start-ups can also use this free theme.

The template has a full page video or image background along with gallery with modals. As this template is based at Bootstrap, so it is fully responsive and adjusts in various devices or platforms like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart-phones nicely.

Bootstrap tempelate Landing Zero

The dark-colored theme also has a contact form, email subscription form, and footer with multi-columns.

View Template  Download Theme

Freelancer – A one pager template

The Freelancer is a one-page template that can be used by freelancers to showcase their portfolio and allowing users to contact by using the form.

It is a responsive template with basic features like fixed top navigation which is collapsible as you scroll down. The portfolio section is where you can add thumbnail images that are clickable as the light box. You may add text information related to that image along with a close button.

Bootstrap tempelate freelancer

The contact form is fully responsive and template also includes the PHP script that you may easily edit to start sending emails.

The template is free to download while you may hire the developer to customize as per needs.

Download Template  Live preview

Scrolling Nav – A free template

If you are interested in getting the structure for single page website built on Bootstrap framework, then Scrolling nav can be good starting point.

Bootstrap tempelate Scrolling Nav

It does not contain any graphic or pre-build sections but the structure. Take that skeleton and add different sections coded by yourself using your skills or other smaller templates for different sections like modal windows, Bootstrap buttons, contact form, light box, and whatever the requirement is.

The first template in the list can be starting point to get the elements code that you can use in that template.

This Bootstrap template also has a top navigation bar that is collapsible.

To download this free template:

Download template  Preview

Elevator V2 – A business template

The elevator V2 is a cheap priced nice Bootstrap template that can be used for different businesses, agencies or portfolios.

It is a fully responsive theme that will run nicely in various desktop resolutions, notebooks, tablets and smart phones.

Bootstrap tempelate Elevator

This template is built on which is inspired by Metro UI. The template has two home page variations, one with a slider and other without it. As you click at small images, e.g. Contact form it will open as a light box.

This nice template just costs $12.

Template detail  Live Preview of Elevator V2

Margo – A multipurpose template

The Margo is an elegant and responsive multipurpose and multipage template which is based at Bootstrap 3.3.6 and HTML5. The package includes many home page variations (10). While, it also includes 30 + business pages.

Bootstrap tempelate Margo

This Bootstrap based template has two different sliders and an AJAX based form. This enabled your users to send email without refreshing the web page. The template also has a nice footer with social links along with Flicker and Twitter feed options. It also contains a small subscription form to let users “be in Touch”.

If you are a business, start up, and agency or want to showcase portfolio, the Margo can be a good choice to go with at a cheap price of $12. You may also download the Light version with a fewer features which is Free of cost.

Theme link  Live preview of Margo

Holiday Crown – A template for Hotel business

This theme is also built-on Bootstrap framework, so responsive for various devices.

Bootstrap tempelate Hotel

It is a multi-page website where you may add different sections like Rooms and Tariffs, gallery etc. It also has a reservation form.

View more info  Live preview of Holiday crown theme

Chelsea – A multipurpose Bootstrap based template

The Chelsea is a responsive Bootstrap based theme that you can use for different purposes. Especially, if you have a small to mid-sized business and want to have a spicy website then Chelsea can be a good and affordable choice to go with.

It has plenty of built-in features like a resolution slider, CSS3 based animations, Custom icon font, Sticky and mega menu. The features also include text rotator, pie charts, accordions, tabs, pricing plans, alerts, and notifications etc.

Bootstrap tempelate chelsea

The bought pack includes more than hundred prebuilt pages and 50+ portfolio pages. As you scroll down the landing page, the content appears smoothly and nicely with animations.

On top of that, at just $17, it also offers 24/7 support if you face any trouble while installing the template. A developer will be in contact to sort out the issues.

Theme page | Live preview of Chelsea

A free template in Bootstrap – Rockline Business

The Rockline business is a simple and free template built on Bootstrap framework. It uses latest HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Bootstrap tempelate Rockline

This is a responsive theme that is adjustable to various devices like mobiles and desktops. The single page theme can be used by business, showcase portfolios, designers or freelancers etc.

Theme page  Live preview of Rockline template

Porton – All in one for 17$ Bootstrap theme

The PORTON fits for various types of business including:

  • Agencies
  • Corporate
  • Builders
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Portfolios
  • Freelancers
  • IT solutions
  • Recipes
  • and many others.

At just 17$ it includes plenty of features including 150+ PSD files, Retina display ready, more than ten home page styles, and inner page variations as well.

Bootstrap tempelate PORTON

24/7 support is also available to install the template or fixing any issues.

The theme is mobile-friendly .i.e. an adjustable theme to various devices and platforms.

Template page  Live preview of PORTON
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